Mission statement

BiteSizedWeb wishes to help create an online presence for those who feel less acquainted with the inner workings of the internet.

Is this you?

  • Are you a dreamer who wishes to show the world what you have to offer?

  • Are you easily overwhelmed by the internet's imensity?

  • Are you just not interested in how all this digital stuff works?

  • Are you better off spending your time doing your true calling?

  • Then I believe in you and your dream!

  • Then I am willing to take this burden from you.

  • Then I understand and accept where you come from.

  • Then I totally agree that your true talents deserve all the time you can give them.

From me to you

You are a professional in your own right.

About design

There is your vision, there is my vision, and then there is that which makes a great website. Somewhere in the middle is your design waiting to emerge.

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Lock & Key

template based


  • Cheaper
  • Quick and easy


  • Limited design
  • In use by others

More about this here.

Sketch & Build

custom design


  • Uniquely yours
  • Freedom in design


  • Costs more
  • Takes time to build

More about this here.

Let's tailor your website to your dream!

Great meeting you here

Let's see, my name is Nele, I'm Belgian, in my thirties, a mother and wife, and possibly your webdesigner. 

Nele Falise

Am I right for you?

My wish is to bring a bit of colour and life to the world wide web. I want to do this by making websites that are the visual representations of a dreamer's message. Because by putting yourself out there dreams have the chance to become reality. And I'd love to help a dream come true.

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Dreams are worth fighting for ... together!

A matter of price

Even with the use of a website template, I won't know the hours of work your vision deserves. So let's talk and see what we can mean for each other. Asking is free!

Let's talk!

I can't offer you free services but I can offer a conversation and a cup of tea: including a willing ear, an open mind, and a loving heart.

It would make my day to hear from you.

You can contact me here

Know that you're not alone because I care.

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It's great meeting you! And I'd love to get to know more about your dream!