Just call me Nele

Goh, do you find this as difficult as I do? It's not that I have nothing to say, but more the question of 'What is relevant?'. I don't want to bother you needlessly. Yet you're here anyway, thus I guess you want to, at least, get to know me a little.

Nele Falise

What can I say?

So there's always the basics: name, age, place of residence, marital state, children, and such.

Well, my name is Nele, last name Falise; I'm half-way through my thirties; currently I'm staying in Flanders, Belgium on the landmass called Europe; I'm married and have one amazing child; and lastly, my native language is Dutch (Flemish), next to that I'm fluent in English.

Of course there is so much more of this, like education or previous employments, but really that's not why you're here.

  • I'm a visual thinker, seeing every thought I have. It makes daydreams feel like watching a movie and it allows me to 'dream up' designs.

  • I prefer a soul-connection with a few over having a million friends.

  • I'm the uncommon mix of technology-savvy, nature-loving hippie, living minimalistic and plant-based, truly enjoying metal music, a witch, an ex-gamer, and dreaming to see the world and settle down at the same time. And I love all of it.

About me

I am me and I find myself fascinating.

So what's 'the' dream?

Those who know me, know that I love being honest till the point it's not always in my favor. I really like being that way and it comes with it's pros and cons (just like everything else). So let me be really honest right now, I have SO MANY dreams, so many wishes, so many ideas. And just like most of us, I want to do them all.

One of those little thoughts became BiteSizesWeb. The idea is to help those individuals who either aren't interested or are frightened by what the internet has become. I've met many people who could use a great website and some guidance through the mysteries of the online world. Just like me, these tend to be people who are actively creating their own path in life.

The name BiteSizedWeb comes from:

  • my wish to make the internet manageable, to break it down into little pieces;
  • but it also refers to the size of the websites I want to help create: just little corners of the internet.

Next to that I feel that most current websites lack color, vibrance, life and personality. There are some truly beautiful websites out there but they are far and few between. How great would it be if there were more of those? And how amazing would it be if yours was one of them?

If you feel that way, just let me know. As I keep saying, a conversation is free. Let's find out what I could mean for you.

Dreams truly are worth fighting for.

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It's great meeting you! And I'd love to get to know more about your dream!